25th August 2023

With record numbers of people across the country already forced to turn to food banks, the Trussell Trust Hunger in the UK report starkly reveal this is just the tip of the iceberg, with millions more struggling with hunger, but not yet reaching out for charity support.

Food banks in the Trussell Trust network have seen the highest ever level of need, distributing close to 3 million emergency food parcels — including more than a million to children. This is the most parcels the network has ever distributed in a single year.

We’re calling on the UK government for an ‘Essentials Guarantee’ to make sure that the basic rate of Universal Credit is at least enough to afford the essentials we all need, such as food, household bills and travel costs. Please help us support this initiative by writing to your local MP.

Did you know;

  • 14% of all UK adults have experienced food insecurity in the 12 months to mid-2022, equating to an estimated 11.3 million people
  • 75% of people referred to food banks in the Trussell Trust network say that they or a member of their household are disabled.
  • 47% of all households experiencing food insecurity include children under the age of 16

You can download the Trussell Trust ‘Hunger in the UK’ report here

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